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Travel Consults

Travel Doctor @ South City Health -Your Comprehensive Travel Health Solution.

Are you planning an exciting journey abroad? Ensure a healthy and worry-free adventure at Travel Medicine @ South City Health - the Waikato’s best source of all your travel health needs. We understand that your well-being is paramount while exploring new destinations, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of services to keep you safe and healthy throughout your trip.

Travel Medicine @ South City Health is dedicated to providing personalised care and tailored advice based on your travel plans. Whether you're embarking on a short vacation or an extended backpacking adventure, Dr Taylor will assess your specific health risks and offer recommendations to prevent common travel-related illnesses.

Expert Travel Health Consultations: Dr Mark Taylor is Waikato’s leading Travel Medicine specialist with over 20 years experience as medical director at Worldwise Travellers Health and Vaccination Centre. Mark has travelled extensively, including being expedition doctor for three expeditions to the Amazon and for several New Zealand sports teams, including the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan, as well as supporting teams to Cambodia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. He has also travelled to Everest Base Camp, mountain biked in Mongolia, and lead tour groups to Bhutan, Iran, Ethiopia, Nepal, China, Israel and Jordan

Destination-Specific Vaccinations

Different regions of the world pose distinct health risks, and Mark is well-versed in the latest vaccine recommendations. He offers a complete range of destination-specific vaccinations, including routine immunisations, as well as those specific to certain countries or regions. Stay protected against the following vaccine preventable diseases:

Hepatitis A and B
Cholera / E. Coli
Yellow Fever - vaccination and certification and waiver certification when appropriate.
Rabies vaccination - including rapid rabies regime, intra-dermal regimes and intramuscular regimes, offering the cheapest and most effective rabies vaccination options around.
Tetanus, diphtheria
Japanese Encephalitis (JEV)

We are not here to sell you vaccines, but it is our job to ensure that you are fully informed of your options, so that you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and your budget.

We specialise in altitude and adventure travel, which require very specific advice, as well as advising on the mature traveller, pregnant or lactating travellers and paediatric travel.

Malaria Prophylaxis and other medications: Depending on your travel destination, you may require preventive medications to safeguard against malaria, altitude sickness, traveller's diarrhoea, and other prevalent conditions. Mark will guide you on the appropriate medications, their usage, and potential side effects, ensuring you have a worry-free trip.

We also offer the cheapest malaria prophylaxis medication around - guaranteed.

Travel Health Supplies: Be prepared for any health-related situation with our travel health kits and supplies. We advise on mosquito prevention, water purification, and prevention of lesser known diseases like Zika, dengue and schistosomiasis. We work with our partners at South City Pharmacy to offer a range of products to keep you safe and comfortable while traveling.

Up-to-Date Travel Health Alerts: Stay informed about any travel health advisories, disease outbreaks, or other health concerns at your destination. Mark constantly monitors global health organisations and provides timely updates to help you make informed decisions regarding your travel plans.

Your Safety is Our Priority: At Travel Medicine @ South City Health, we prioritise your safety and well-being, while ensuring that you can make decisions in an informed way. Our staff our trained to provide high quality care while ensuring your comfort throughout your visit.

Don't let health concerns hinder your travel dreams. Contact Travel Medicine @ South City Health today on 07-838-2323 to book either an in-person or video appointment (particularly useful for travellers from rural or distant locations) and embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that your health is in expert hands.